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Goodness Grows Here

We're always open to adding the right person to join our team!

Our Mission


Our mission is to redefine the salon experience and elevate beauty professionals by shaping a new perspective of our industry. Through our transformative environment, an empowered team, and a relaxed luxury experience, we aim to inspire a positive shift from the traditional salon environment, ensuring our impact reaches far and wide.


We prioritize positivity, kindness, empathy, quality, and professionalism as the driving forces behind our journey towards excellence.

Our Collective Culture

Our vision is to reshape the salon experience and elevate beauty professionals by challenging industry norms and fostering a culture of innovation. We strive to create a transformative environment that inspires creativity, empowers personal growth, and nurtures meaningful connections. Our commitment to delivering exceptional service and unforgettable experiences to our valued clients is unwavering. Through our vision, we aspire to lead the industry into a future where beauty and well-being are intertwined, and where the goodness we cultivate within ourselves resonates outward, touching the lives of all we serve.

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Independent, But Never Alone

We are always looking for experienced, independent beauty professionals to join us! If you know anything about our current Butterfly Crew they are experienced AND collaborative!


We are team-oriented, goal-driven, upbeat individuals who support and cheer each other on in both our professional and personal lives.


If you’re looking for a luxurious space to work in that cherishes collaboration while celebrating your independence, welcome home! Being an independent artist in a team environment at Butterfly Room truly gives you the best of both worlds.

Keep Your Independence & Enjoy the Support of a Luxury Brand

Flexible Lease Options

Believe in an abundant lifestyle? Us too! We have a variety of leasing options support the artist who values balance in work, life & everything in between.

Marketing Support

We get it, you're an artist! Want to spend more time serving the clients you love and less time behind the screen building your business? We're here to support you in promoting your business in the following ways:

  • Guest booking requests

  • Social media content support

  • Full artist feature page on website

  • Online Booking Platform

  • Business Cards

  • Photoshoots

  • Sharable "Behind The Scenes" Studio Content

  • Newsletters

Limitless Growth

Spread your wings! Our spacious and oversized suites and workstations and large salon provide ample opportunity for artists to flourish in all aspects of their business, including client serving and hosting classes and networking events.


Attend conferences, enjoy in house guest educators, or even host your own within our suite! Our innovative team is passionate about learning and are always seeking opportunities for us to expand our knowledge!

Elevating The Experience

Happy Artists = Happy Guests!

Here's a few elevated perks our artists and guest enjoy!​

  • Spacious flow through salon design

  • Relaxed work environment where you'll enjoy freedom & autonomy

  • Friendly & welcoming team that's always rooting for you

  • Flexible scheduling and competitive rent

  • Social Media Content Planning

  • Collaborative Team Events

  • Ample Parking & Signage

  • Free Wifi

  • Complimentary Drinks & Snacks

  • Service Discounts (on available services)

  • Temperature & Humidity Controlled Spaces To Enhance Services

Sound Like A Good Fit?

Step 1 - Submit Your Application

This will give us all the details we need to start the process.

Step 2 - Discovery Phone Call

Within 72 hours of receiving your form, we will reach out to you about scheduling a phone call to chat and get to know each other better. We will also answer any questions you have for us.

Step 3 - The Meetup

We will give you a tour of our salon space, you’ll meet the team, and we will show you our amenities. This will help you get a feel for what working with us looks like.

Step 4 - The Vibe Check

Is the perfect opportunity for you to show us your portfolio. Because we pride ourselves in our experience and quality of the services we provide we will take this opportunity to review our processes and culture expectations. If we are in agreement this is the place for you, the next step is signing the lease!

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