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I’m a licensed esthetician and acne specialist. I attended one of the most prestigious skincare schools in the PNW where I learned about multiple modalities such as Microneedling, Dermaplaning, and Manual lymphatic drainage. My passion for the skin is unmatched where I like to combine my professional revision treatments with a relaxing experience getting the best of both worlds.

My Services:

- Advanced facials: Acne Specialist

- Chemical Peels


- Dermaplaning

- Microneedling

- Virtual Skin Care Consultations

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Hi! I'm Haidyn...



Haidyn is the first esthetician I’ve gone to that truly cares about my skin. She uses products based on my skin type and doesn’t over extract to damage my skin. I was left feeling hydrated and clean from her products and techniques! Would recommend her to anyone looking to not only improve their skin game but learn all there is to know about what products do, and how they help your skin. 1000/10

Adriana B., Lake Stevens, WA

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