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Find the perfect fit for you.


Permanent Cosmetics

Specializing in advanced cosmetic tattooing techniques performed with machine application - unlike other methods of tattooing, our clients enjoy hyper realistic results & drama free healing!

Permanent Eyebrows $600+

Nano Brows | Ombre Powder Brows |

Combo Brows | Color Correction Services

Lip Blush $600+

Lip Blush | Lip Color Neutralization

Permanent Eyeliner $600+

Lash Line Enhancement | Stardust Eyeliner

Tattoo Removal $150+

Saline Removal

Body Art + Freckle Tattoo $150+


Eyelash Extensions

Full Set Eyelashes

Classic $160+ | Hybrid $180+ | Volume $190+ | Mega Volume $275+ | Designer Set $180+

Eyelash Fills

Classic $65+ | Hybrid $75+ | Volume $85+ | Mega Volume $75 | Specialty Sets $65

New Client Fills

Lash transfers are for clients coming from other lash artists, within 3 weeks of their last fill with them.

*New Client Classics $85+ | Hybrid $95+ | Volume $105 | Mega Volume $160


*We believe that healthy lashes are happy lashes! Our goal is to provide eyelash extensions you will LOVE that will never compromise the safety & the health of your lashes long term.  If you are transferring to our artists as a "New Client Fill" but are currently experiencing major pinching/pain/discomfort from your last lash application, we recommend booking a removal & full set instead so that we can provide the best recommendation that's unique to you!

Lash Extension Removal $30+

Application of gel-like solution that breaks down the lash adhesive bond to safely and gently remove lash extensions.


Lash + Brow Services

Each of these eyebrow and eyelash services listed below are designed to enhance your natural features - providing definition with minimal commitment!

Lash Lift + Tint $90+

Lash Tint $20+

Brow Henna $75+

Brow Tint $20+

Brow Lamination $100+

Copy of WIX Oval Photos - Trendy.webp
Copy of WIX Oval Photos - Trendy.webp


Customized/Signature Facials $100+

This facial is completely customized to your specific skin type! Perfect for a first-time facial client if you don't know what to book! 

Customized Chemical Peels $75+

Chemical peels are a way to rejuvenate your skin by removing the damaged outer layers with a chemical solution. Our specialists use this advanced treatment to target various skin conditions, such as wrinkles, acne, scars, age spots and uneven skin tone.

Dermaplaning $60+

This treatment uses a specialized exfoliation technique to remove vellus hairs (aka peach fuzz) and the dead skin leaving you with radiant, glowing skin! A quick "lunch time" treatment if you are on the go!


BioRePeel  $250+

The new “it” peel that can be done year around. BioRePeel is a high-dose TCA peel with revolutionary patented technology making the experience virtually painless and minimal to no downtime targeting fine lines, wrinkles, scarring, texture, acne, pigmentation, redness and rosacea. We can add different modalities such as Dermaplaning and Microneedling for optimal results. Everyone needs this peel! 

Acne Bootcamp $100+

Your first step to clear, healthy skin in as little as 3 months!

This session includes a detailed consultation, skin analysis, personalized treatment plan, home care and lifestyle guides, and access to expert advice. If this program suits your needs, you'll receive an initial treatment and clinical-grade home care products. Start your journey to clear skin today!

Back Facial $100+

A facial but for your back! Enjoy this relaxing back facial that includes a double cleanse, steam, enzyme exfoliation, extractions, warm towels, warm oil massage, a hydro jelly mask, and finishing products.

Back Chemical Peel $75+

If you deal with acne on your back this service is great for you! A customized chemical peel to fit the clients needs.

*Client Favorite* Seasonal Facials $120+

Limited availability each season - these seasonal facials include all your favorite treatments + a special treat! Check out our booking page to see what our clients are loving right now!

Elevate your experience with a Hydrojelly and/or LED light therapy add on!  $25+

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Hair Removal

Gentle hair removal that lasts more than a couple of days!

When waxing, your hair is taken from the root/follicle in the skin, causing the hair to take a longer time to fully grow back. As opposed to shaving, which cuts the hair from the surface of the skin making it grow back faster and coarser. When waxing, we are weakening the follicle making your hair grow back thinner and finer, making you less prone to ingrown hairs and bumps.

Areas available for waxing:

- Brazilians (Ask about our soothing Vajacial)

- Bikini

- Underarm

- Lip

- Brows

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