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Your dedicated lash and brow artist. I'm all about crafting customized, bold, and playful lash sets that are as unique as you are. My personal favorites are lash sets that bring a touch of drama, from vibrant colors and wispy lashes to designer sets like foxy and anime inspired. 


If you are feeling a more natural vibe I offer keratin lash lifts, brow laminations, brow tints, and brow waxing! 


When I'm not busy creating one-of-a-kind lash designs or perfecting your brows, I'm deeply engrossed in the captivating world of crime stories and the thrill of solving puzzles. This fascination isn't just a personal quirk—it's a family passion. We own adventurous escape rooms, and the mystery and creativity there have had a profound influence on my lash artistry.

My journey in the beauty world began in esthetics school, which gave me the basics of lashing, but I hungered for more room to explore creativity, comfort, and customization. I've often heard that finding unique lash styles like these can be a challenge in Snohomish County, which is what motivated me to further my education. My goal? To bring the love of designer eye candy to our local community.


I can't wait to meet you and collaborate on a signature lash style that perfectly complements your aesthetic!

My Services:

- Customized Lash Extensions

- Keratin Lash Lifts

- Waxing

- Brows: Lamination & Tints

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Hi! I'm Em...



For the past year + I have been so happy every time I schedule an appointment and visit The Butterfly Room. I always feel welcome and comfortable there. Even before my appointment - i'm popping a complimentary seltzer in the foyer and snacking on some snacks from their mini refreshment bar while enjoying the amazing aromatics in the air - truly my kind of self care heaven.

The talented artists provide exceptional customer experience with amazing attention to detail, positive attitudes, and kindness - just to name a few. The space is private, modern, and overall is a joyful and calm atmosphere to be in. Every-time I leave the butterfly room my cup is full, I feel rejuvenated, beautiful, and so so grateful for the support and help I receive for my skincare routines and beauty rituals. Huge Thank You to the Butterfly Room! I am looking forward to my next appointment!

Milly H., Camano Island, WA

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