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Cosmetic Tattooing

Love good makeup days?

We make 'em happen, permanently.

Snohomish county

Snohomish County's Top Rated Permanent Cosmetics

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Specializing in advanced cosmetic tattooing techniques performed with machine application - unlike other methods of tattooing, our clients enjoy hyper realistic results & drama free healing!

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Eyebrow Permanent Cosmetics

The wait is over - No more bad brow days!  We customize each style to meet your personal eyebrow goals. Whether you're looking for a soft natural look or bold makeup appearance, we create brows that fit your unique features & personality.

Nano Digital Microblading

Initial session $600 + 6 week Touch up Session $150

Nano digital microblading is a form of cosmetic tattooing, which is also referred to as 3D brows, Hyper-Realistic brows or digital microblading. Hair strokes are created on the skin to imitate the look of real brow hair, in a precise pattern that flows with your natural hair growth. Nano digital microblading is not a substitution for makeup. It will not create a "filled in" look. It is best for clients with evenly distributed brow hair. This technique typically needs refreshing every 1 - 2 yrs. All methods of brow permanent cosmetics require a 6 week touch up ($150) following the initial visit.


Ombre Powder Brows

Initial session $600 + 6 week Touch up Session $150

For those who are wanting to achieve soft brows with a symmetrical shape. No hair like strokes are placed with this technique - the brow is fully covered with pigment that compliments the existing brow and skin tone. One would expect more of a powdered make up appearance. This technique lasts the longest. Signature brow mapping is performed, and each design is tailored every client. This style typically needs refreshing every 2-3 years. All methods of brow permanent cosmetics require a 6 week touch up ($150).

Combo Brows

Initial session $650 + 6 week Touch up Session $150

This style simply combines both hair-like strokes and shading into one blended outcome. Thus, making the brow look fuller and slightly more pigmented than what can be achieved through microblading alone. Signature brow mapping is performed to ensure every design is tailored specifically to each client. Combo Brows typically needs refreshing every 2-3 years. All methods of brow permanent cosmetics require a 6 week touch up ($150) following the initial visit.

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Why Consider Permanent Eyebrow Cosmetics?

Overplucked Eyebrows?

Permanent cosmetics can add density to your existing brows creating symmetry while framing the eyes. Often times clients with little hair growth experience regrowth after the first session!

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Busy Schedule?

Filling in your brows for just 5 minutes per day adds up to 30 hours per year. Getting that time back and waking up with full, shapely brows that perfectly frame the face... is absolutley priceless!

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Tired of makeup that doesn't stay?

✔ Water - Proof!
✔ Busy Schedule - Proof!
✔ Gym - Proof!
✔ Enjoying the sandy beaches
     of your vacation - Proof!
✔ Take on whatever life throws
      at ya - Proof!

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Snohomish county

Lip Color Permanent Cosmetics

Leave behind your lipsticks - just gloss up & go!  We tattoo the entire lip area, providing a subtle tint of color similar to lip tint. This technique can be used to correct minor symmetry issues, camouflage scars & to give the illusion of a fuller lip (without filler)!


The Blushing Effect

Permanent lip color is the next big thing! If your lips have lost color over time or you lack definition around the edges, you're about to fall in love. Linzie doesn't believe in just lining the lips, as her goal is to achieve the most realistic, natural look possible.


The Blushing Effect features defined edges, fading softly towards the center of the mouth. This style creates the illusion of fuller lips without the injections (and last longer too)! You can go bold, go nude, go natural or correct discoloration.

Lip Blush

Initial session $600 + 6 week Touch up Session $150

Give your lips the refresh they've been quenching! This service enhances pale or asymmetrical lips by giving them a natural tint of color, fullness and definition - without fillers! Lip Blushing typically needs a colorboost every 1-3 years. At minimum, lip blushing requires a 6-8 week touch up ($150) following the initial visit to achieve desired appearance - if your artist suggests neutralizing warm/cool tones in the lips or scarring cover up is desired, then additional sessions may be required.

Lip Blush1.jpg

Why Consider Lip Blushing?

"Thinning Lips"?

As the skin's collagen levels wane the lips become less full and loss of vibrancy follows close behind. Lip blushing gives the illusion of youthful, fuller lips as it brings evenly distributed pigmentation back to the natural lip border 

(and lasts longer than fillers!)

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Tired of reapplying lip color?

Never have to think about reapplying lip color because your lips will be...

     ✔ Smudge - Proof!

     ✔ Teeth brushing - Proof!

     ✔ Gym - Proof!

     ✔ Kissing a hot date without

           worrying if your lipstick has

           travelled onto their lips - Proof!

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Have Asymmetry, scarring or discoloration?

Lip blushing does an excellent job camouflaging scarring, blending/neutralizing discoloration or correcting uneven shape. Most desired results can be achieved in two sessions!

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Snohomish county

Eyeliner Permanent Cosmetics

"Eye" Spy Pretty Eyes! Eyeliner tattoos aren't what they used to be - we have come a long way in the industry when it comes to eyeliner tattoos. Using top of the line pigments and application techniques - our goal is to give you a new eyeliner or lash line enhancement that will timelessly accentuate your existing eye shape!

2022-05-02 12_58_00.892-0700.jpg

Lash Line Enhancement

Initial session $600 + 6 week Touch up Session $150

Permanent eyeliner can be used to enhance the eye shape by accentuating the lash line. This service will leave you with a thin, subtle line only through the lashes, to create the illusion of fuller lash line. It draws just enough attention to the eyes, in the "can't put your finger on it" kind of way. Permanent eyeliner typically requires two sessions to complete with the touch up ($150) scheduled 6 - 8 weeks after the initial session.

Stardust Eyeliner

Initial session $700 + 6 week Touch up Session $150

This technique mimics a smoky eyeliner. A defined lashline diffuses upward onto the lid, creating a gorgeous gradient & small customized wing. If you're turned off by the look of old school eyeliner tattoos, but want your eyes to be the center of attention, this may be for you. Note: this style is not suitable for clients with hooded eyes, heavy creased eyes, thin skin or vascular lids. It typically requires two sessions to complete with the touch up ($150) scheduled 6-8 weeks after the initial session.

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Why Consider Eyeliner Permanent Cosmetics?

"I can never get my eyeliner even!"

With permanent eyeliner, you never have to spend time leaning into the makeup mirror trying to get your eyeliner even! Most clients report that having this allows them to wake up and go! If ever you want to add more makeup to your everyday liner - it creates a perfect foundation for you to expand upon.

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"I want a soft eyeliner"

Permanent eyeliner does not have to be a harsh line. Your artist is able to delicately fade your liner from the lash line creating a soft and smoky eye effect. Want to add a subtle hint of color? Just ask!

You can swim, exercise, sweat and rub your eyes all while your makeup stays put.... Need I say more?!

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"My hands aren't as steady as they used to be."

We hear this quite a bit. As time goes on, our vision and hand coordination are not what they used to be, making it more difficult to apply makeup each day. Having permanent eyeliner done for you takes all of the frustration out of your daily makeup routine.

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Client Love


"Linzie is absolutely amazing. Not only does she have a bubbly personality and sweet disposition but she is extremely professional and gives thorough details on the entire process so you can understand the whole experience. The aftercare is explained in great detail as well. I highly recommend her!"

Salina S., Marysville, WA

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