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My Services:

- Permanent Cosmetics:

    - Eyeliner - Lash Line Enhancements, Designer Eyeliner & Shadow Liner

    - Eyebrows - Specializing in hyper-realism 

    - Lips - Subtle Lip Blush & Lipstick methods

    - Freckles & Beauty Marks

- Saline Tattoo Removal of Permanent Cosmetics - one of the few certified artists in Washington State.

- Henna Brows

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Hi! I'm Linzie...

If you've been hanging with me for a while you'd know that I (like so many of the amazing women who have come into my life) have many job titles. Permanent Makeup Artist, Salon Owner, Mentor, Real Estate Enthusiast, Wifey, and best of all... Momma to two busy toddlers! 


You know what they say, " Like attracts like", I find this to be so true when reflecting on the busy lives of the hundreds of women who have put their trust in me over the years!


Like YOU {yup, I see ya superwoman!}, I recognize the importance of "Go Time" and soaking up periods of rest and pampering when they are made available. 

But, in a role that requires so much of us, I know that it often takes strategic planning to gain the *time freedom* we need in order to fit it all in (hello hassle free permanent makeup)!


My goal, when designing your studio experience, is to have you feeling uplifted, relaxed and empowered... like someone just took a major task off your plate.

I can honestly say, I have never been more in love with my clients or my craft ~ thank you for sharing this space with me. 

I know firsthand what a gift it is to have some spare time back in my day! After having my daughter, I experienced significant hair loss, setting forth my journey into this field after working in medical for nearly a decade.

Outside of the salon you can find me spending time with my high school sweetie and our two kiddos. I have a passion for home design and love trying new things!



"Linzie is absolutely amazing. Not only does she have a bubbly personality and sweet disposition but she is extremely professional and gives thorough details on the entire process so you can understand the whole experience. The aftercare is explained in great detail as well. I highly recommend her!"

Salina S., Marysville, WA

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